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Welcome to the AcroRip Q&A, where you can ask questions relating to RIP Software or Specialty Printing, and receive answers from other members of the community. To contact us, email contact@acrorip.com


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What information / photos / screenshots are needed when inquiring for support?
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Please contact your reseller / retailer for support as a first phase. If you need to contact acrorip.com for support or to report an issue, please make sure that you provide all relevant information so that the inquiry can be handled as efficiently as possible. 

Whenever reporting an “issue” with your prints when using ACRORIP V10 or newer, please provide all of the following information so we can properly handle the request as efficiently as possible:

  1. Provide a photo of your DONGLE and DONGLE PACKAGING (if available)
  2. Provide your place of purchase (website or reseller), and your order number
  3. A photo of your printout
  4. Clear and complete screenshots of the entire screen and for all tabs as shown below

LAYOUT TAB (show entire screen)

PRINTER TAB (show entire screen)

COLOR TAB (show entire screen)

WHITE TAB (show entire screen) – with white preview checked

WHITE TAB (show entire screen) – with color preview checked

See above example screenshots. Please ensure that you provide the screenshot of the ENTIRE SCREEN and for ALL TABS.

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